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You need effective texts today? Good, then let's start together now!

A good content is not just a text, it is a midwife of your ideas, messages and valuable informationthat inspire, engage and captivate the reader.

The entertainment value of a good text does not detract from its seriousness, but creates the necessary closeness to the customer. The customer wants to be understood, he wants communication and dialogue. A distant information pile of SEO bloated texts quickly becomes the cause of a flight-like migration to the next co-provider in the merciless listing at Google.

What is relevant is what touches emotionally. Taking the customer on a journey, so to speak, touching him and creating enthusiasm, that's what sets your text apart from that of your competitor.

A text can never be too long, only too boring

Garry Halbert

STÜMMLER SOLUTIONS stands for texts with luminosity and impact

This statement is not just a metaphor, it is also a program. You have unique benefits to offer and want to be heard and understood. A good text gives birth to success stories.

Assets, why the customer should choose you in particular, is one of the most difficult things we have to do in marketing.

Lastingly effective communication needs creative sparring partners, smart ideas and excellent implementation. A copywriter with a cross-thematic and holistic marketing background achieves this desired effect.

Emotion or reason?

Whether a text should arouse emotions or rather appeal to the reader's reasoning, depends on the target group as well as the topic.

All people make decisions based on emotions and rational criteria. A balanced mix can be crucial here.

Depending on your objectives, we can work together to develop and put together a balanced and effective mix for all channels used.

The Mindset - my 23 years of expertise, Experience meets time spirit

Today's media landscape is subject to constant change and is characterized by the rapid news cycles of social networks.

Profit from my 23 years of expertise in holistic entrepreneurial consulting and its implementation in the areas of marketing, strategic communication as well as sales management. Continuous improvement is part of my DNA. Thus, agile working is a consistent reality for me. In this way, I can support you with "best practice" solutions - for example, in choosing the appropriate instruments and strategies for your corporate communication in different channels.

Honestly, you do not find my service exciting, but the result

High-quality content is at the heart of modern marketing. To be successful in content marketing, you need outstanding content across all channels that guides your customers and readers through the entire customer journey.

As an experienced consultant, I support you and your company with sustainably effective content. The starting point of my work is always the untapped potential of a company that has not yet been formulated. The dynamic process of consulting and implementation then releases this potential and opens up directional approaches to solutions.

Good texts - goal-oriented focus means: function - usability - enthusiasm

Long-standing customer relationships

Exciting customer projects - and you benefit from these experiences today


In the 23 years of my self-employment I was able to get to know exciting projects, tasks and challenges. On this way, I not only met great and friendly people, but also gained deep insights into complex work processes. I would like to thank my customers for this trust. Many a friendship developed from an initial business relationship. Thank you for that too.

For which main topics have I already written?

  • Craft businesses, technical instructions, mechanical engineering
  • New technologies and sustainable topics
  • hygiene
  • Hotel industry, gastronomy, tourism, SPA and wellness
  • IT, logistics, transport
  • Politics, economy, media
  • Fashion, jewelry, cosmetics
  • Living, lifestyle
  • food, dietary supplement
  • Sport, health, medicine, therapy, fitness
  • Coaching, business consulting
  • Accounting, controlling, tax advice
  • Finance, insurance, real estate
  • Printing, advertising technology, advertising material
  • Fine arts
  • Marketing, web design, graphics, SEO

Over 980 completed customer projects offline and online

Over 350 successfully completed content marketing projects

About 6 long-term sales marketing projects and their scaling

More than 5 project managers for international trade fairs with budget responsibility

Messages that get through

How do you communicate with your customers today? Are you already using all the possibilities of strong customer acquisition and customer loyalty?

The communication is that central component of your result-oriented marketing. Interacting with the customer is becoming increasingly important and indispensable.

Without communication there would be no marketing. Basically, marketing is nothing more than communicating messages to customers in order to achieve a specific effect or reaction. If you want to sell your products and be noticed by your customers, you should never click on the communication renounce with the consumer.

If the multi-channel communication is clearly coordinated linearly on all channels, the interest of the customers will be aroused. Whether regional, national or international, I play the whole range of success and result-oriented communication.

Choosing the right channels

Which channels do you use today and how effective are your measures? The art lies in the right combination and in the timing.

A clear marketing and communication strategy enables you to meet the expectations of the market and to recognize the opportunities for your company at an early stage. It defines and represents your image and the products and services you offer to customers.

So that right synergies between the different communication channels are used and the coherence of all interactions with customers is guaranteed, it requires careful planning of all activities and their correct channels.

Through an integrated and structured communication and marketing approach I serve the entire range of key instruments required for thisto maximize the positive experiences of your customers.

The text competence of effective content

The right content at the right time in the right medium

How can I help you? Text competence at fair prices

It is your advantage that I can offer a holistic, cross-thematic qualification that can have a successful impact in the most important business areas with sustainable and effective text design and content creation. Here, the experience beyond the famous box plays a decisive role. STÜMMLER Solutions is not a PR agency, but can support you in agency form if required.

Please choose a topic here that we will talk about

Blog Texts

Blog texts - The added value of interesting information for high-quality lead generation

brochure texts

The unique texts for your image, product or company brochure in line with your corporate identity

Flyer Texts

Use the cheap and versatile flyers as initial information and door openers with inspiring flyer texts

category texts

Make it easy for your visitors and offer an overview with added value in the form of category texts

Landing Page Texts

Slogans, claims and short, concise landing page texts with wow effect for optimal lead generation

Texts for mailings

Concise and coordinated mailing texts for sustainable and effective campaigns for more sales

newsletter texts

Coordinated newsletter texts for your funnel system and automated customer acquisition

Press and PR

Regular press and PR texts to show your presence and competence. Show what you can do

Advice texts

Position yourself as an expert by publishing understandable and exciting advice texts

SEO texts

Meaningful and well thought-out, but still attractive SEO texts significantly improve your position in the Google ranking

Shop Texts

Use animated and high-buying product texts in your online store for higher sales and new customer acquisition

Homepage Texts

Your homepage is not only your business card, it is also your crucial external presentation


Stand out from your competitors and position yourself as an expert in your industry

slogans and claims

Slogan and claims, the short, concise and memorable texts as recognition value for your customers

social media

Facebook, Google+ and other social networks are important for higher sales and new customer acquisition

advertising texts

Offline advertising texts for the classic advertising channels in close coordination and supplement to the online presence

Your important messages and the right channels

Reposition your company digitally now and benefit from your transformation in the long term

Time for Change?

According to Victor Hugo, nothing is as constant as change. This is all the more true in today's turbulent times. But how do you keep organizations and companies fit in inconstant change processes? The effects of the pandemic in particular reveal weaknesses in external presentation and customer communication. What's your plan B?

I like to quote Philip Keil here, a very good keynote speaker. Change for the sake of change? In the cockpit of an airplane, like in real life, we cannot pull over in turbulence, we need one clear compass.

No flight is like the other. Changes in the weather, a new flight plan, a different airport every day, constantly changing crews. This makes the job of a pilot both varied and demanding. In many situations, he can only rely on the autopilot to a limited extent and has to make his own decisions at short notice.

Executives and entrepreneurs cannot rely on their autopilot either, while the world around them spins faster and unpredictable events occur. The complex questions of the future can only be solved together as a team. On the ground and in the air, a strong team makes the difference between a crash and a precision landing.

In addition, the issue of sustainability will increasingly keep entrepreneurs in suspense. If an entrepreneur neglects sustainability, the company will face noticeable economic disadvantages in the future.

The same applies to digitization. A digital value creation process and a digital communication strategy should be central components of a successful marketing strategy.

Let us align your compass together towards a successful and sustainable future. Open up new potential.

My expert network

My passion is networking, i.e. always getting to know exciting people and their stories. I often come across real experts in a niche topic. Exciting, interesting and incredibly valuable.

Over the years, not only friendships have developed, but also successful project-related partnerships. This network enables me to recruit exactly the experts who are ideally suited to the task.

Location-independent, flexible and result-oriented.

Sometimes a few days are enough to implement a project, but sometimes a few months are necessary if the activities are recurring.

As a customer, you benefit as much as possible from this cooperation and open up new possibilities for you. Where your team reaches its limits due to a lack of qualifications, qualified freelancers develop convincing and effective solutions.

In uncertain times, the employment of freelancers offers the necessary flexibility to react precisely to the current need for personnel regionally, nationally and internationally.

It can therefore be very cost-effective to employ a larger number of freelancers instead of a large permanent staff.

In addition, you will receive the qualifications that you now need as an entrepreneur, regardless of location. So you are not dependent on the compromise of having to resort to less qualified personnel because these proven experts are not to be found in your area.

My silverware at your disposal

Since over 23 years I deal with the topic of marketing, strategic communication and sales management.

From start-ups to SMEs to listed companies were and are among my customers, whom I also like to call partners. Long-term cooperation not only creates trust, but also the necessary insights.

When companies and markets change, there are great opportunities for the development of teams, employees and new concepts. Ideally, a valuable sparring partner in this process is an independent consultant who develops the right content for you. Your success is my passion.

The secret of success is understanding the other person's point of view

Henry Ford

In terms of "best care" advice, you can trust that I will consistently use all instruments to your advantage.

I play the entire keyboard of all modern communication channels and use this potential for your success.

How do I work? Your questions - my answers

My history, my work and my clients. Customers are not always enthusiastic when the company is listed on public reference sites. That is understandable. Therefore this area is password protected. However, you will receive the password for this area with your request.
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