Communicate your branding in the media

Your strategic brand management through professional press and PR management

Position your brand in high profile with expert topics

Bring yourself and your company into the media game with well thought-out public relations management in order to position yourself as an expert in the long term. Whether regional, national or international.

The press portals bring the published reports directly to the search engines, which in turn direct interested readers to your homepage. With a wide-ranging publication via press and topic portals, you can reach your target groups directly and investigative media makers will also be interested in your expert knowledge.

The format of the online press release offers your company the opportunity to communicate relevant content and information and to disseminate it effectively and widely on the Internet. Online press releases have a lasting effect because they are permanently stored in the archives of the press portals. A sustainably successful online PR strategy can be achieved through the regular publication of up-to-date information.

Journalistic standards and good research

Basically, a PR text follows a different approach than all other advertising texts. Not only the structure, but also the format bring the corresponding advantage. A well-placed PR text is the start of the dialogue with interested readers. The public perception of your company is sustainably generated and your image placed positively.

It's about the vitality of your image - about sharpening your corporate profile, about positioning your brand and your good name.

Nothing is more boring than yesterday's news

Your successful press text should primarily fulfill the following points:

  1. The actuality – Your company party in 5 months is certainly a great event, but very few readers are interested in it. However, if you have part-time jobs for students or pupils in the upcoming holiday season, this will be of interest to the regional press.
  2. The topic relevance? – Depending on the targeted media, regional or national, the topic is important. What is interesting as information for regional media is often not relevant for national media such as specialist magazines. Technically oriented topics with know-how are gladly published.
  3. regionality – Regional media such as daily newspapers or regional magazines are interested in information that could be important for local readers. Changed business hours, an expanded range or promotions are of interest to the regional press distribution list.
  4. formatting and structure – If a press release is structured incorrectly and the formatting is incorrect, this means that the media will need significantly more time to process your press release. The chances are slim that it will be recorded and published. Most editorial offices are under time pressure. You need to filter out relevant and informative press releases. Therefore, in most cases they do not have the time to revise your press text. How your press release is structured and formatted is important for a successful publication.

Professional press distributor

If you want to do professional press work, you have to know how journalists work. This is the only way to place targeted topics in the media. This requires your individual press mailing list with the contact details for the respective editorial offices.
The balanced mix of offline and online distributors thus guarantees a media-effective, wide-ranging distribution of your message.
In the B2B area, lead generation can be doubled through professional press work, while in B2C the acquisition of new customers can be increased by up to 40 percent.

For each press release, I will work out the individual distribution list for you from over 225,000 specialist contacts in D/A/CH with the appropriate distribution. The uncomplicated outsourcing of your professional press work.

Who I am?

New challenges have always fascinated me. Communication is my home. The beauty of text work is the diversity. In my professional career, in addition to the rather dry organizational tasks of project management, I have always had something to do with creative content.

In sales management, I not only learned how to communicate with teams and customers on the same level as partners, but also how to advertise products with creative content.

Early on, I was given the task of customer communication and marketing by a traditional, medium-sized, and above all Swabian, company. Sharp pencils and tradition were nice, but I soon felt the desire for new tasks.

What always attracted me were future topics. Visions of how an industry, technology or social issues will develop in the next 10-15 years.

That's why I enthusiastically accepted the offer to take over the project management for future trade fairs at a respected trade fair organizer.

I'm a creative mind whose pleasure in the written word is as oversized as the will to inspire people with visions and ideas. This was clearly expressed in the inspiring communication as well as in the extensive advertising material.

This aspect has a particularly lasting effect on my supreme discipline, the writing of gripping and inspiring content. I am always fascinated by how you can bring people closer to visions, ideas and possibilities in a moving, impressive and pictorial way using only words.

Today, my field of activity no longer only includes content creation, but also project management for customers from a wide variety of countries and industries.

Thanks to this exciting combination of tasks, working with the ubiquitous medium of text in all its stylistic and technological facets is now a central part of my life.

You can reliably reach all trade press & topic journalists as well as bloggers and influencers via me

Successfully addressing the media and specialist journalists requires high-quality information

With professional press work, you will receive more media attention and position yourself and your company. And especially in economically challenging times, it is important to exploit unused resources, especially since many people read press releases more believable perceive as conventional advertising.

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in particular, but also large companies, benefit from professional press work and PR texts. Outperform your competitors with well-researched, grippingly formulated PR articles and their professional distribution in the most important media.

I support you in setting up an effective and successful press distribution list and in writing well-researched and formulated press articles.

The scope of services includes the following items

  • Independent topic finding
  • critical research
  • Your professional PR text
  • top research
  • Efficient information
  • image research
  • Media-friendly expression
  • Text file in Word/Google Doc
  • 3000 characters

Benefit from the advantages of an efficient distribution of press releases

In addition to writing professional PR texts, the distribution of your press release is crucial. The quality of the contacts and the selection as a distributor determine the success of your press mailing.

For this purpose, desired subject-oriented categories are combined as required - each category includes all available media contacts from specialist journalists, editors and important online media. After approval of the dispatch preview and press mailing list media list, it will be distributed directly to the editorial offices.

Also included are the sending of images and SEO via 100+ premium press portals.

I will create the right press distribution list tailored to your needs and give you access to:

  • Press mailing in D/A/CH
  • over 225,000 specialist contacts in D/A/CH
  • High contact quality and precision
  • All media: print, online, radio/TV, press agencies, freelance journalists, blogs
  • Blogger/social influencer mailing list in your industry
  • Guaranteed Google News placement in the thematic environment
  • Expert press distribution list - precise orientation: industry, related aspects, associated subject and target group areas, if necessary down to the city/region
  • Hand-tested distributor precision for full compartment contact coverage
  • No distributor limitation: without the usual purchase of specialist distributors or contacts
  • Extended press mailing to cushion absences
Press mailing D/A/CH

In order to comprehensively record all specialist contacts, I create a separate press distribution list for each message: precisely and comprehensively aligned, equipped with only high-quality journalist contacts. The result is a comparatively much more precise, up to 35% higher specialist contact range.

Industry press distribution DE

In the branch and industry mailing list, I select the desired categories. Each category includes all specialist media available there. After approval, it will be distributed directly to the editorial offices. Also included are the sending of pictures.



The best price packages offer you better conditions for your planned press distribution. I create your press mailing list anew for each press campaign to ensure full efficiency, so that it is always geared as best as possible to the respective press release.

Web press mailing USA+UK

This offer achieves a comprehensive online reach for your news in English-speaking countries. They not only inform journalists, but also reach several million interested parties at the same time. If your press text also contains links, you will also receive valuable SEO backlinks from the news portals to your website. This contributes to a better international findability of your offer on the Internet.

Optimized for the trade press – editorially of high quality

For journalists, the quality of the text is a reflection of the quality and relevance of the product or service. Today, editorially high-quality press texts are expected - with an informative, precise presentation of the facts, journalistically structured and formulated according to today's media standards. Those who do not deliver this level of quality minimize the chances of reporting. I will write your perfect press text.


Startup - introductory package

The start-up package provides all the services that are important for an effective press campaign: a press release with strong editorial added value and direct information for all trade press and topic journalists who report on your product / market environment. Also included are SEO via top 100 press portals and the free integration of images and attachments. This is a one time offer.


High performance in selective press work

Would you like professional press work with high performance? I can offer you additional services through my network.

It is not uncommon for companies to have campaign-related press work needs - for launching certain topics, arranging press appointments for trade fairs and press events, product tests for the media or the provision of review copies. For these requirements, we provide 'selective press work': without a contract period, for a clearly calculable budget. As a long-standing media partner, we discuss your press goals with journalists and use our experience to work towards appropriate agreements. As is usual in business life, personal contact is a guarantee for more success - this also applies to press work.

In the B2B area, lead generation can be doubled through professional press work, while in B2C the acquisition of new customers can be increased by up to 40 percent. I offer you many years of PR expertise in B2B/B2C markets, in-depth strategy and concept know-how and the specialization to quickly build up a close network with all the important journalists and bloggers. Based on your requirements, we create a powerful strategy and concept that shows how the media presence is placed on an ever broader basis step by step. With the systematic development of the media landscape, we establish convincing, continuous media reporting.

scope of services

  • For eg follow-up after press dispatch, invitation management (eg trade fairs, press events, press conferences), initiation of product tests and others
  • Coordination of the media to be addressed via the press distribution list
  • Personal, telephone contact with journalists for binding agreements
  • Handling of queries, requirements and coordination
  • Detailed final report on all agreements and results

Your press releases that people like to read. I put competence into words, write enthusiasm and explain your product.

The offer configurator - Let yourself be guided comfortably through the process of your request

Of course you can also send me an inquiry using the normal contact form. But the offer configurator saves you time and is easy for you to use. Time is money, for you as an entrepreneur and also for me. I would like to use your time as efficiently as possible.

In order to take all aspects of your request into account, I am giving you the opportunity to put together important details of your project and your ideas in this first phase. Of course, we will then exchange information about individual content based on this information.

The offer configurator serves to clarify important questions, avoid transmission errors and rule out misunderstandings. It guides you through the process in a simple and goal-oriented manner.



How do I work? Your questions, my answers

My history, my work and my clients. Customers are not always enthusiastic when the company is listed on public reference sites. That is understandable. Therefore this area is password protected. However, you will receive the password for this area with your request.

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